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Apply for the Creators Coven

Vendor Partner Program

Showcase Your Uniqueness in a Marketplace That Celebrates Diversity and Creativity

Elevate Your Art in a Community That Embraces the Extraordinary

Join the Creators Coven family, a vibrant market space that goes beyond the conventional. Our events are more than just markets; they are celebrations of creativity, diversity, and the unique spirit of every artist. We provide a platform where your art doesn't just exist – it connects, inspires, and thrives.

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Unparalleled Exposure

Gain access to a diverse and engaged audience who are eager for something different. Our markets attract a wide array of visitors, from art enthusiasts to those seeking the quirky and avant-garde. This is your opportunity to shine in front of an audience that appreciates and seeks out the unique and unusual.

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A Community of Creatives

Creators Coven is more than a market; it's a community. By joining us, you're not just booking a booth; you're becoming part of a supportive network of artists and creators. Share experiences, collaborate on projects, and grow alongside fellow artisans who encourage and inspire.

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Hassle-Free Experience

Creators Coven offers an affordable way to showcase your art, ensuring value for every dollar spent. With reasonable booth pricing and a streamlined setup process, we focus on minimizing costs and maximizing ease for our vendors. Our approach is designed to enhance your market experience, making it simpler and more rewarding to share your creative work.

Anne, Pink Widow Vintage

"a great community of artists and creators"

Become a Creators Coven Vendor Partner

Submit your application to connect with a world eager for unique artistry. We review each application to align with our community's passion for the exceptional. Start your journey with Creators Coven today.

Thank you! Your application is under review.

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