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Market FAQs

  • What's the Coven's vibe?
    Creators Coven is for the strange and unusual; we are the misfits of other markets. The Coven likes to 'creep it real', and spoopy at all times. This includes being on the darker end and louder than a usual market due to our sick tunes. Creators Coven is a safe space welcoming of all humanoids. The Coven does not tolerate any form of discrimination or hate, bullshit or drama, as well as Karen or Bro behaviour. This is applicable to attendees, performers, vendors, and all the Coven Crew.
  • What's the lighting situation like at Coven Events?
    The main overhead lighting will be on the dark side as we are people of the night. It will be dark, you will need lights! Please bring lights for your booth to highlight your work. Please bring an extension cord for yourself, a power bar is helpful too if you have, and duct tape (to tape down cords in pathways if applicable). We want everyone to have access to power for lighting, but at times it is out of our control as not all venues have enough outlets or accessible outlet locations. Another suggestion is to bring USB charged lights as you will not require any outlets.
  • What's the deets on the raffle prize?
    Participating market vendors are asked to donate a prize, whatever they are comfortable donating, for the raffle. All raffle monies are donated to charity. We have been donating to UNYA in memoriam of Noelle O'Soup. The raffle winner is drawn on site at the end of the evening, with a photo taken of the winner's ticket, and contacted that evening or the next morning. The winner will be posted on IG and Facebook. The prize is delivered by Coven staff.
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