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Vendor Event Policy

Last updated: April 27, 2024

A commitment to participate in the market and to follow the expectations is made once a payment is received, or once an artist agrees to an exchange of services for a table. If an artist is unable to meet the following expectations, they may be asked to not attend and may be replaced by another artist. Vendor expectations include the following:

  1. Creators Coven (The Coven) strives to create a safe and inclusive space for all artists and attendees. No abusive or disrespectful language or physical conduct is tolerated before, during, or after the event, or online. This includes language or behavior that reinforces social structures of domination related to race, place of origin, ancestry, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, body size, age, religion, family status, source of income, or beliefs. This includes comments, posts, or direct messages that could be interpreted as misogynistic, racist, homophobic, or transphobic. The Coven will take immediate action against harassment of any sort and it could risk an artist’s ability to participate in current or future events.

  2. Artists are expected to be ready to vend at the start of the market. If load-in time is at 5 pm and the market starts at 6 pm, the artist must be set up and ready to sell by 6 pm. No late arrivals.

  3. Artists must follow pre-communicated setup and teardown times. Due to venue rules and fees, early setup is not always available, so artists are expected to come on time and not early. When early setup is available, it must be pre-arranged with The Coven. Additionally, teardown cannot begin until the market is over. Early teardown due to extenuating circumstances must be pre-arranged with The Coven. If an artist has an accessibility issue that may affect their setup or teardown, they should inform The Coven ahead of time, and we will arrange support.

  4. Each vending booth will consist of one artist and their work. Exceptions are made if an artist has an assistant who is selling the vending artist’s work, or if it is a collective of artists (e.g., Darah & The Creatures are two artists with one brand, in one collective.) There is a maximum of two people allowed behind each vendor's table.

  5. Following the rules and being respectful of the venue is expected.  If damage to the venue occurs by not following the rules or being respectful, the responsible artist will be asked to pay the damage deposit. Failure to do so will result in being barred from future events or selling on the website.

  6. Each participating artist is responsible for promoting the event via social media a minimum of 5 times the month prior to the event. A $50 REFUNDABLE marketing surcharge is now due at the same time as vendor fees. The marketing surcharge will be refunded the day before the event, once the artist follows the promotion expectations. Artists must tag Creators Coven to be counted. Please note: When signing up for future Creators Coven markets, artists that actively promote the event will be prioritized over those who do not.

  7. Payment for a vending booth is non-refundable. If an artist is unable to attend the event, they must contact The Coven as soon as possible.

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